Ageing UN ( United Nations)

United Nations Principles for Older Persons

The UN Principles aim to ensure that priority attention will be given to the situation of older persons. The UN Principles address the independence, participation, care, self-fulfillment and dignity of older persons. Read More

The United Nations and the Question of Ageing

Before all the generations, especially the younger one, can effectively contribute to making our world truly a society for all ages, they must learn about the impetus behind the International Year for Older Persons 1999. To be informed is the prerequisite to making a difference. Learning about the circumstances that propelled the United Nations into taking action on the important issue of world ageing populations is a good place to begin. Read More

Global Age-friendly Cities: A Guide

Population ageing and urbanization are two global trends that together comprise major forces shaping the 21st century. At the same time as cities are growing, their share of residents aged 60 years and more is increasing. Older people are a resource for their families, communities and economies in supportive and enabling living environments. The purpose of this Guide is to engage cities to become more age-friendly so as to tap the potential that older people represent for humanity. Read More

Checklist of Essential Features of Age-friendly Cities

This checklist is intended to be used by individuals and groups interested in making their City more age-friendly. For the checklist to be effective, older people must be involved as full partners. In assessing a city’s strengths and deficiencies, older people will describe how the checklist of features matches their own experience of the city’s positive characteristics and barriers. They should play a role in suggesting changes and in implementing and monitoring improvements. Read More

Brochure: An age-friendly city benefits everyone: children, the young and the old Read More