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Milestone Medical Tests in your 60s and Up

You deserve to feel good. Just because you are over 60, don't think you can't be independent, vital and healthy. Read More

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Insomnia is a general term that refers to difficulty falling or staying asleep. It’s not really a disorder, but a symptom with many causes. We all have occasional sleepless nights, and insomnia that sticks around for just a day or two isn’t much of a problem, but if you have it for longer periods, you’re likely to pay a high price. Read in detail

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Access to pain relief – A Human Right

One essential component of palliative care is pain relief. Freedom from pain allows the highest quality of life possible for as long as possible. As we are all aware, pain increases distress and anxiety not only in the patient but also their friends and family. Pain decreases the ability of a patient, their friends and family to sleep, carry out everyday activities, work, communicate effectively, concentrate, resolve any conflict and address many of the issues which, if thought through, allow peace as the end of life approaches. Read More

Milestone Medical Tests in your 50s

You're in your 50s. It's the prime of your life -- or it should be. Don't let illness rob you of your health. When you go for your annual physical, make sure your doctor performs or recommends these simple tests that may save your health -- and your life -- later. Read More

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Older Americans 2008 – Key indicators of Well-Being. Read in Detail

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Health Issues of Senior Citizens Although, according to Dr. Chopra, Body is Ageless and Old Age is a society-created perception only, as all the trillions of cells of Body get renewed from time to time, the present position appears that as one advances towards Old Age, one has to necessarily face some ailments, physical & mental weakness, aloofness etc. depending upon his life style, genes, environments etc. Read this article by M.V.Ruparelia Life after a Heart Attack A heart attack changes the lives of both seniors and their caregivers. If your loved one has had a heart attack, it's essential to understand the medications and lifestyle changes necessary for a successful recovery. According to the American Heart Association, over 1 million people in the U.S. have heart attacks each year, and about half of them survive. Fortunately, because of advances in coronary surgery and patient care, seniors who survive a heart attack can enjoy a healthy, active life for years to come.Read More Age Gracefully Quality of life will improve if you take steps to age gracefully and take care of your mind and body. Determine to do your best at slowing the aging process and you will feel better and continue to be able to more activities for a longer period of time. Read More Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Great improvements in medicine, public health, science, and technology have enabled today’s older Americans to live longer and healthier lives than previous generations. Older adults want to remain healthy and independent at home in their communities. Society wants to minimize the health care and economic costs associated with an increasing older population. The science of aging indicates that chronic disease and disability are not inevitable. As a result, health promotion and disease prevention activities and programs are an increasing priority for older adults, their families, and the health care system. Read More Living with Heart Disease A book to Treasure: Everything You Need to Know to Safeguard Your Health and Take Control of Your Life. Read More TRAINING PROGRAMME IN CARE GIVING Increased globalization and modernization has brought about problems of old age, disaster related injuries, mental stress disorders & paucity of trained medical & health professionals etc. In view of these phenomena, the RCI, a registered statutory body has taken a decision to meet the challenge for the need of care giving from the family unit to the community and the institution as an important component of a continuing care and rehabilitation. The concept of care giving and creation of a cadre of care givers is the need of the country. The availability of trained care givers and operationalizing the programme in care giving, will fulfill the needs of the chronically ill, elderly and persons with disability increasing at an alarming rate. Read in Detail Emergency Medicine Manual Based on the guidelines drafted by Dr. Christine Zink of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, USA during her visit to the Community Health Initiative (CHI) in Palghar, Maharashtra, I started my pilot training in August 2006. Dr. Christine has rightly mentioned that different target groups should be given different levels of training depending on their previous understanding and exposure in handling any emergencies. A must Read document Global Survey on Geriatrics in the Medical Curriculum In response to the global challenges of population ageing, WHO launched a new programme on ageing and health in 1995 designed to advance the state of knowledge about health care in old age and gerontology through special training and research efforts, information dissemination and policy development – Courtesy: WHO.Read More Click here for Important Health Links