Helping Your Parent to a New Life

My parents knew they would eventually have to move somewhere. They lived 25 miles from Charlottesville, Va., the nearest city. Their home and 30-acre property in the Virginia countryside required upkeep. My father had undergone cancer surgery that affected his speech, and he worried about making himself understood by phone in an emergency. They would certainly move to town or close to one of their four children . . . someday. Read the story

10 Steps to Increase Your Parent’s Mental Agility and Memory

Forget almost everything you have been taught over the years about the aging human brain. Almost 70 years ago, a scientist declared that the aging brain diminished in memory, agility, and functionality while increasing in senility. Without much challenge, this theory was accepted for decades and taught as fact. Read More

Ten Reasons Why Your Parent May Not Be Eating Properly

Proper nutrition is vital to your parent for maintaining health, retaining and building bone mass and, importantly, to enable medications to work effectively in the body and possibly with fewer side effects. Read More


This study examined the worries adults and their parents experience for one another. To date, relatively little research has considered the experience of worry in this relationship. A small number of studies, however, suggest worry is relatively common in this relationship. Read More

What To Do If Your Aging Parent Refuses To Go To The Doctor

Changing to a new doctor is often stressful, but for an elder who is set in their ways, seeing an unfamiliar physician can be extremely unsettling. It is important to do, however, as the right doctor can make all the difference in managing the myriad of health problems older people often have. It is important to find one with interest in treating older adults a Geriatrician is best, which is an MD with a specialty in geriatrics. Bottom line: a physician with a heart for Seniors. Read More

Grandma and Grandpa Taking Care of the Kids: Patterns of Involvement

Over the last decade, considerable media attention and public discussion have focused on the varied roles that grandparents play in family life. Much of this public attention has centered on grandparents who assume parental responsibilities for their grandchildren. Read More

Second innings in parenting

How would you picture the life of a retired couple? Quiet and slow paced. Morning walks, leisurely breakfast, regular siesta, visit to park/temple in the evening.Interspersed with the excitement of visiting children and grandchildren during the holidays and festivals. Know More

Essential Care for the Sick & Dying

A natural reaction for those not accustomed to helping the dying is to withdraw and leave the dying person alone. Thus, dying people are often lonely and depressed. They feel abandoned and hopeless and may become resentful or withdrawn. Read in detail

Understanding your Emotion about Grieving

Grieving is usually associated with the death of someone important in your life. This can be referred to as “big death”, since it usually involves a family member or friend. However, life is full of “little deaths” as well. They occur unexpectedly and take many forms such as: the unexplained loss of a job; the loss of a pet; loss of a budding romance; or an expectation of someone that is not fulfilled. Read More


The object of the study was to ascertain the views of the senior citizens about such expectation of sons and daughters / sons in law and daughters in law and the problems and difficulties that the elders face in meeting such demand. Read More

End of lifestyle

My friend was cared for in a hospice, receiving medical, emotional and spiritual support. But many people experience the most pain, discomfort and loss of dignity at the end of their lives. For someone who cannot do things themselves, something as basic as forgetting to offer them a drink amounts to neglect. Read here

Supporting Friends and Family Who Have Mental Illnesses

If you have a family member or friend who’s been diagnosed with a mental illness, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help. Although new forms of therapy and medication make it possible for many individuals to lead full, independent lives, the support of family, friends and peers remains an essential element in the recovery process. Read in Detail

Ten Reasons Why Your Parent May Not Be Eating Properly

Proper nutrition is vital to your parent for maintaining health, retaining and building bone mass and, importantly, to enable medications to work effectively in the body — and possibly with fewer side effects.But, what if Mom or Dad won’t eat whether properly, or won’t eat enough? This creates an added challenge to you as caregiver. Read More

The ABCs of Grandparenting

Becoming a grandparent changes everything. Coupled with incomparable joy is uncertainty about where you fit in. Your role — not always appreciated by society — is vitally important in shaping a grandchild’s life. You and the parents want what’s best for the child. But you discover you don’t always share the same customs and language. You’ve entered their world, sometimes feeling like a foreign ambassador. What you need is a diplomatic guide. Know more

When elders get depressed: it’s not just “old age”

Feeling forgetful and hopeless. Not eating. Bad moods. These are signs of depression no matter how old you are. Here’s how to get help for older people with depression. Read More

Grieving: Facing Illness, Death and Other Losses

Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss. One of the greatest losses that can occur is the death of someone you love. Other losses include the loss of your health or the health of someone you care about, or the end of an important relationship, such as a marriage. Healing from a loss involves coming to terms with the loss and the meaning of the loss in your life.Read More

Caring for Parents Who Didn’t Care for You

Last week, a journalist (we’ll call her Nancy) wanted to interview me about some caregiving issues. We chatted a bit about the article she was writing and she got some quotes. During the talk, we bonded. As Nancy talked, she described the turmoil she is facing as her parents age. I was able to assure her that she is not alone in her feelings. She grew up with an abusive mother. The abuse was physical as well as emotional. Her father was gone much of the time, doing what most men of that generation did. He was making a living for his family and that was his role as he saw it. He wasn’t around much and didn’t “interfere” with the raising of the children. Read More

10 Celebrity Grandparents World Loves

Some, you just figure they’re grandparents. Others, you raise your eyebrows and say, “No, way. They’re not grandparents already… are they?” Yeah, celebrities are grandparents, too. And here are ten whom we love (in no particular order) because, well, they love to be grandparents. Read in Detail

Facing Loneliness As You Get Older

Human beings are social by nature,they thrive on meaningful social interactions with others. This is no different for older adults. Older adults, however, are often at risk for loneliness because of disruptions to their social networks over time. Read More

Parent Connection

When it comes to contentment we have a lot to learn from seniors. As I was growing up in a rural community, spending time with grandparents was a greater blessing than I then realized. Warm memories of quality times give me a sense that much of who I am today was influenced by these dear seniors. Read More


With one elderly in every twelve, India is poised to become the second largest hub of seniors in the world. Life expectancy has shot up from 23 at the turn of century to 65 years. Generations living before the advent of modern medicine were expected to live for around ten years after retirement but now they have around twenty years of healthy, active living after they retire. Read here an article by Gerontologist Amruta Lovekar

How to Live with an Elderly Person

Living with the older person has unique rewards and may have challenges for all concerned. Patience is needed as well as understanding. They may well prefer to be self sufficient, and will certainly dislike being patronised. But there are some occasions when they may not be able to care for themselves or need help to do so. By being yourself and listening to them, being honest about your own limitations (of time, skills and resources), you can live happily with an older person and they can live happily with you. Read More

Understanding our Senior Citizens

The aged in Mumbai face a predicament that is peculiar to an increasingly industrialised and materialistic society and to a city that does not have enough space for its citizens. There are few open spaces earmarked for the elderly and their space within their homes is continually dwindling. Even as age and poor health catch up with them, they are faced with diminishing finances, social isolation, loneliness, excessive free time and loss of family and friends. Read in detail

Hugs not Drugs required by Elderly

Three major areas of concern in people with dementia are loneliness, isolation and emptiness– often the very same experiences behind attention seeking behaviour. There are no magic drugs to cure these ailments. We know from both experience and research that the best medicines for loneliness, isolation and emptiness are love, warmth and affection. These three come together when we give someone A BIG HUG. Read more

Generation gap

NOWADAYS THE older people and the younger population complain of generation gap and of breaking down the communication between these twos. But who is to blame? I think both go amiss now and then. Read More

Discovering and Preserving Your Life Story

When I was a child, my mother and I would take a train every summer from Boston to Vermont to spend August with my grandparents on their farm. Today the grandparents are gone, but I still recall these special memories of my childhood summers when I smell fresh cut hay or walk into a horse barn. Read more

Positive Parenting

Dear friend, think of all the crimes, tragedies, wars, we humans have suffered so far. Then ask why these happened? You will find that the single most important reason behind these tragedies is “Parenting Failure.” Read more

Taking Care of Yourself in Nursing Home

tSince no one is likely to offer you vacation from your work as a caregiver, you need to arrange for them. Perhaps you will need to ask others to provide some of the care in your absence. (Pay for help if you can and need to. Read more

I Have Learned

On a positive note I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. Read this wonderful Poem

Safety Plan for Family,

see this nice Guide

Long-Term Care Planning

This is dedicated to adult children of aging parents, caregivers, seniors, and people who are tireless advocates of the elderly, and quality long-term care. There are those of you who no longer have a voice – I am proud to have served as your advocate and your protector in a time of need. For those of you who still have a voice, keep expressing, keep advocating, and keep reaching out and educating others. From you, I learn something new everyday. To my family, friends, and loved ones, thank you for your patience, your support, your encouragement, and your influence. Read more

Managing Stress Relationship

Relationship stress causes some of us to get angry and do or say things we regret. It leads others to shut down, withdraw, and refuse to participate. Either way, our inability to listen and speak intelligently in the face of relationship stress just makes things worse. In this article, you will learn how to stay calm and focused, and to communicate clearly and powerfully even in tense situations. Instead of feeling like a situation is out of your control, you will see how you can experience a sense of trust and creativity, and even a heightened awareness. Read here

What Young Love Should Know About Old Love

Romance … in old age? Young people snicker at the thought. At best, they write it off as the childish sentimentality and clouded memory of doddering old age. But what if … what if they are wrong? What if a couple married for so long really does experience romance that is strong, that stirs the blood? My friend, Frederica Mathewes-Green, described Ruth and Billy’s relationship as having “all the lamps still blazing.” Many engaged couples dream of “growing old together;” they just find old couples amusing and can’t picture them with their “lamps still blazing.” Read more

Why do Women Cry?

little boy asked his mother, “Why are you crying?” “Because I’m a woman,” she told him. Read the Poem here

Living with Loss

If you have recently lost a loved one who was living in a nursing facility, you likely have many mixed feelings. Try to accept and acknowledge all your feelings, even if some seem contradictory. Read More

Coping with Grief and Loss:

Losing someone or something you love is very painful — and it’s something that almost everyone will experience at some point in their lives. Loss that goes unacknowledged or unattended can result in disability. But grief that is expressed and experienced has a potential for healing that eventually can strengthen and enrich life. There is no right or wrong way to grieve — but there are ways to make your grieving more complete and more positive. Read more

Dear son/daughter…

The day that you see me old, have patience and try to understand me …Read More

Resources on End-of-Life Care, Click Here
Helpful Caregiver Resources, Click Here
How To Connect With Kids By Volunteering At School/Daycare

Schools, daycares and youth organizations all desperately plead for parent involvement to help enhance academics, activities, enrichment, and quality of care. Parents are a kid’s first and most important teacher, and parent involvement is closely linked to a academic achievement and self-confidence. So, what are you waiting for? Say “yes” the next time parent involvement is requested, or better yet, volunteer your time today. Here are ways to become involved. Read more


HALF THE PEOPLE ON EARTH are under 25. Some 1.8 billion are aged 10-25, history’s largest generation of adolescents, and about 85 per cent live in the developing world. Their decisions about sexual behavior and childbearing are critical to the planet’s future population size, dynamic and well-being. Read More

Aging gracefully: Local students demonstrate what caregivers can learn

In approaching the care of a family member with memory impairment, we often think of adult children and elderly spouses as the key players in the caregiving journey. The often forgotten but very important players are the younger family members. Teens may sit silently on the sidelines wondering what is really happening to Grandpa and yearning to be included in the journey. An important step on the caregiving path is reaching out to these younger family members to offer insight about memory impairment and its impact on the whole family. Read More

Respect Old Age

Instill in your children compassion and respect for old age, so they treat you with love when you are old. Many parents mistakenly try and teach children that elders are always right. They forget that children have minds of their own, and there will be a time when they can reason for themselves and will be able to see faults in the reasoning of others. At this point, they may realise that just because someone is older, doesn’t mean they are wiser. And if you try and force them to believe that an older person is always right, you can be sure that your children will grow defiant, and will have less faith in your judgment. Read in detail

Bridging the Generation Gap

Parents, when their offspring enter the dreaded teen years, look back nostalgically on the days when their children hadn’t learned to speak yet, were cute and adoring, and hung on to every word that their parents said. One day, puberty happens and the sweet angels of yesterday begin to act like their parents are their worst enemies. Read More

Raising Grandkids

The number of grandparents who are raising their children is not a new phenomenon. However, the statistics are showing that it is a situation that is becoming more and more common. Read Here

Grandparents and Teen grandchildren

Grandparents generally spoke positively about becoming and being a grandparent, using terms like ‘love’ ‘enjoyment’ and ‘happiness’. When grandchildren were younger, time was spent together on outings and playing together, or with the grandparents teaching skills and providing childcare. As grandchildren grew older, the relationships were more likely to revolve around talking, giving advice and support. Most grandparents did not report any major problems in their relations with their grandchildren. A few had more responsibilities for care of their grandchildren than they desired. Some grandchildren saw their grandparents as fitting stereotypical images of the elderly, as frail or out of touch, but others said they were ‘modern’, describing them as ‘fun’, ‘caring’, ‘active’ and ‘up to date’. See this Report

Sex and Aging

People seem to want and need to be close to others. As we grow older, many of us also want to continue an active, satisfying sex life. But the aging process may cause some changes. Read More

The Golden Age of Sex

Don’t believe the hype about sex fading with age. Relationships and sex remain a vital part of life for many people in midlife and beyond, an AARP survey shows. Read in detail

The best is yet to come…

More and more people are getting married at an age considered ripe for retirement previously. And in most cases, love and marriage seem to work better the second time around. Read More

Romance Through the Ages

Where would we be without romance? What was courtship and marriage like for our distant ancestors? Beginning with the ancient Greeks’ recognition of the need to describe more than one kind of love, inventing the word “eros” to describe carnal love, and “agape” to mean a spiritual love, take a stroll back through romantic heritage with this timeline of romantic customs, dating rituals, and tokens of love. Read More

Communication – the Key to a Good Marriage

It can’t be stated often enough.If you don’t have a healthy way of expressing your thoughts and emotions to each other, of speaking and being heard, then everything else will ultimately crumble. In order to have a successful marriage you have to make yourself an expert in communication.You have to try to understand what your partner is saying on a simple level as well as try to analyze the underlying message or desire. Read here

Love in the Time of Old Age

Love is a fundamental aspect of spirituality. There is so much one could say about Spirituality and Ageing and indeed, so much one could say about love. Where to begin? Most health settings now have guidelines for whole person care in which spiritual needs are acknowledged. However these are focused in specific ways for older people. Read in detail

Sensual Pleasures In Your Old Age

The colours of life may begin to fade as your middle age approaches. The spirit of the youth may have melted in the burden and responsibilities to family,society, job and children. During this time without your awareness one more important aspect of life will also begin to decay. That is nothing but your interest in sexual life and the physical attraction to your partner. Read More

Sexuality and Ageing

Sex is good for older adults. In both men and women, good sex appears to: prompt the release of substances that bolster the immune system; release endorphins that act as painkillers and reduce anxiety; benefit the heart and lungs by increasing breathing and circulation; help us relax and feel good about ourselves. Read More

Improve Relationship

The best things in life depend on our ability to create and maintain great relationships. Success, happiness, and the ability to give and receive love all hinge on our relationships. Most of us do a good job with relationships at the start. But why do we so often stumble down the road? Why do relationships develop such challenging problems? Read in Detail

Nonverbal Communication

Even the best verbal communication skills are not enough to create and sustain Good home and work relationships require the ability to communicate emotion Wordless communication conveyed through facial expressions, body language voice captures and holds the attention of others and gives you a powerful mean. Read more

Do older couple make better Parents ?

There are many reasons why couples are having babies later in life. They are redefining the boundaries of age and reshaping the profile of parenthood and family life. Why are couples waiting so late in life to have babies ? One big reason is careers. There are definite advantages to being mid life parents. If career issues are ironed out, children are less of a threat. Parents feel like they have time for both their career and a family. At this time parents are also more financially stable since they probably own property or a house. This is one less financial burden. This also means that they can probably better afford quality child care. Read More

How To Survive the Second Half of Your Marriage

The National Center of Health Statistics reports that during 1981 to 1991, there was a 16 percent increase in the divorce rate among couples who have been married 30 or more years. As your nest starts to empty out or refill, you will find yourselves realizing that your roles are changing. New challenges, new irritations, new frustrations, and new discoveries await. Read here

Benefits of Good Marriage Last After Spouse’s Death

The benefits of a good marriage appear to last even after a spouse has died.
Four years after a spouse’s death, widowed men and women who enjoyed good marriages are less likely to experience depression than people whose marriages were bad, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. Read in Detail

Common Causes and Reasons for Divorce

The Romans had an interesting view towards marriage – ‘matrimonia debent esse libera’ or ‘marriages ought to be free’. This meant that either spouse could opt out of the marriage if things weren’t working out for them. Centuries later, Victorian England had a vastly different view. People got married and stayed together for better or for worse. Society frowned on divorce and divorced people were likely to find themselves social pariahs. Read More