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Guide for optimum use of this website www.silverinnings.com

This article gives you a brief guide through which you can browse this site to get the desired information and provides you with a mini manual for exploiting the features and resources of this website.

      First thing that you will notice about this website is its basic layout structure. The website Silver Innings has been designed with the layout concept considering the ease for elder people. The layout is divided into basic 5 parts i.e. a) Top frame – consisting of the logo, photographs and google search bar for searching the world wide web. The result of the search shall take you to a new page. b) Left Navigation frame – consists all the main links of the website and a visitor counter at the bottom. c) Body or content – this is in the middle of the screen where all the content of the particular links is displayed along with the sub links at the top of the body. There is an internal scroll which will facilitate the content scrolling within the given frame with static sub links. There also many links for pdf files that can be loaded in a new window. d) Right frame – this is on the right side of the website which display 2 buttons for the increase and decrease of the size of the fonts present in the content window. Below are the shortcuts to various links on the website. e) Bottom frame – this consists of various advertisements.
      In the top you will notice the google search engine bar which will facilitate search on the web and produce results in a new page or a window.
      There are various shortcuts icons in the top bar. You can move the mouse cursor over the icons and the function of each icon will be displayed once the mouse cursor is over the particular icon. After reading the relevant information displayed by placing the mouse cursor over the desired icon you can click the icon to go to the particular link. There are shortcuts like home page, contact us, gallery, site map, spread the word & partners.
      Similarly you will find shortcut links on the right hand side of the website. There are 2 useful buttons i.e. – decrease text size and + increase text size. After clicking in these buttons the text size in the content window will increase or decrease so the content is legible even for the elders who will be able to read without their glasses or magnifying glass.
      Below the text buttons there are important shortcut links like Help Line – which has emergency numbers, web guide which shall direct you to this article and basic computer training articles which shall make you senior citizens into successful netizens, there are links for Old Age Home, General News and Information and Medical News.
      Medical News link will be updated on daily basis where as the General News and Information link shall provide updates and news every month or for particular special events.
      Also the important news and events would be running into the bar on the top giving brief headlines.
      The website also has the facility for people to advertise and every page can contain different advertisements. One can click on these advertisements and see the detail information about the given advertisement.
      On the left side of the website is the navigation frame where there are different links mentioned which upon clicking will present the relevant information in the content window. This frame is static and shall change information in the content frame upon clicking various links.
      There is a link for music in the section Hobbies & Activities under the sub link Amusement. Here we have uploaded few music files that can be downloaded and stored onto your computer. These files are in mp3 format and shall take sometime to download depending upon the speed of the internet connection on your computer.
      Similarly there is a link called Games & Puzzles which has in built sudoku game and links through which you can download various other games and puzzles for your entertainment. There is a link at the bottom of the content window where one can download Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1 to view the pdf files.
      In the gallery section there photographs and few wall papers that once can download onto your computer to enhance the look and feel of your desktop.
      Once can also link our website to their website where there is HTML code given in the link Spread the word. User just has to copy paste the given code into the HTML editor in the body section which shall display the link for Silver Innings and the site will always open in a new window and not disturb the user’s webpage.
      We have also given the option to download the logo so that you can advertise Silver Innings.
      We have tried to minimize the size of the pdf files so that it takes least time to download but there must be very few which are little heavy in size and users are advised to maintain patience for them to be downloaded. These pdf files will only open on the Acrobat Reader 5.0 onwards or any subordinate reader that can open pdf files.
      Users can print these articles from their acrobat reader software from the option file – print.
      In the section ask the expert users can ask their queries in a very precise description so that it shall be easy for the experts to understand and reply to you at the earliest.
      There is an option in the link Get Involved – Publish where users can write articles or information that they would like to share online. Users can write the information or attach the file in simple text file i.e. notepad, word or pdf and mail is at our given mail address i.e. info@silverinnings.com. The given article or the information will be analysed by the authority and if found suitable will be published in the above mentioned section along with the acknowledgement of the particular author/user.
      For any queries or suggestion please feel free to write to us or contact us so that we can make this website more informative and useful for everyone.
      To bookmark this website for Internet Explorer users you can go to the option favorites and click add to favorites and for Mozilla Firefox you can go to the option bookmarks and click bookmark this page.
      Please make use of the option site map for quick reference.
      Please try to advertise about Silver Innings by recommending the website to your friends and acquaintances, adding the link to your website, mailing about the website to your friends, being member with the organization and through whatever other means you can do so as this is a non profit, no loss organization striving hard to make this world a better place for living for the senior citizens with making ageing successful phenomenon. Your contribution shall be helpful for the organisation.