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About Us

Silver Innings is a new beginning for our Elders. It is a new path, the journey of successful ageing.

It is an initiative started on 10th April 2008, India’s First Social Enterprise in ageing domain by youngsters far removed in distance but united in the cause of Elders. Who’s afraid of Ageing is what this team believes in. It’s a team effort under the leadership of founder Sailesh Mishra.

Sailesh’s passion to work for Elders made him give up paid job for good, and his experience in corporate and social sector inspired him to start on his own and set up Silver Innings, a one stop destination for information for the Elders and their family members.

At Silver Innings we are working towards creating Elder and Dementia Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience.

In the year 2008, based on his own perception and experience and also from feedback received from many senior citizens, Sailesh felt that information on Elders in the public domain is inaccurate, dated or incomplete. There are many website for seniors, but most of them are being run by organizations and provide info on service provided by themselves. But there is no website that gives objective and comprehensive information on the issues and problems of Elders. This brought forth the need of a dedicated website, like a super market where you get everything under a single roof.

Sailesh took the lead and discussed this with his team and the seed of Silver Innings was sown. The team, with the help of some Older Adults, started working for the website.

The team also wanted to disseminate through this website the concept of productive and successful ageing, the new mantra for aging gracefully.

It has been our endeavour to collect information for this website and make it comprehensive and interactive. However, since this is an ongoing process, we will keep on adding and updating.

This website can only be successful through active participation of Elders and their family members. We sincerely hope our efforts will help our Elders to live a happy, peaceful and dignified life.

This is a new chapter in ageing world and we had intention to start an NGO dedicated for the cause of Elderly, which we did in July 2008.

What started as Website in 2008, Today Silver Innings is leading International acclaimed Organization working for Senior Citizens, reaching out to young and old through social media and on ground activities. 

Our grateful thanks to the following individuals and institutions for their invaluable contribution towards our effort:

  • Dr Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy
  • Shirin Juwaley
  • Shubha Khandekar
  • Shobha Mathur
  • Bhavesh Chheda – Website Designer and Developer
  • Hendi Lingiah – Clinical Psychologist
  • Prof Parul Kilbilwala
  • Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad, India
  • The Family Welfare Agency, Mumbai
  • ARDSI (Alzheimer's & Related Disorders Society of India)
  • Help Age India
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Our Mission


We believe that we can save more lifes with you.

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Our strategic priorities up to 2020 are:

  • Protecting charities from abuse or mismanagement
  • Enabling trustees to run their charities effectively
  • Encouraging greater transparency and accountability
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